Grilles, registers, and diffusers probably don't get the attention they deserve. Several manufacturers are finding ways to make these products more appealing, and most of all, a more integral part of the HVAC system.

Some registers have received a face-lift, while some diffusers will begin playing a role in ensuring the health of building occupants.

Airtec recently introduced the MXES Model exhaust grille to its line of M Series diffusers.

Filtered Diffusers

Control-A-Flow/International Diversified Market( will introduce the Comfort 1st filtered diffuser at the 2004 International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo), set to take place in Anaheim, Calif., Jan. 26-28.

According to the company, the Comfort 1st combines four-way adjustable airflow along a horizontal plane. Four antimicrobial filters cover each discharge point on the inside portion of each louver, so the air is filtered just before it enters the room.

The company says its product will address two of the main airflow problems in offices: drafts from overhead diffusers and illness and allergic reactions from polluted ductwork. The multidensity, two-ply filters can remove pollutants as small as 1 micron while destroying most microorganisms on contact, the company claims.

This drawing illustrates how the Comfort 1st diffuser works. The product was created by Control-A-Flow/International Diversified Market.
A-J Manufacturing Co. Inc.( has created the Laminar and Radial Flow HEPA Filter Diffusers (LFHFD). The clean air system was designed for Class 10 to 100 HVAC cleanrooms.

The company says the LFHFD can provide clean air with continuous, unidirectional flow of large volumes of highly filtered air that washes contaminants from sterile work areas.

Thermo Manufacturing Inc. ( also offers a filter device. The company's Thermoframe return air grille drywall frames come in four sizes and three styles.

The standard model allows unfiltered airflow while the windowed version has a clear film to block dirt or air. The third is a filtered version that allows for clean airflow.

Hart & Cooley’s latest product offerings include its Spiral diffuser, also pictured below.

Better Look, Better Function

Hart & Cooley( says it has two new products with better performance and reliability. The Spiral diffuser allows for direct mounting to round metal ductwork, which eliminates the need to construct and attach separate mounting assemblies.

Second, Rezzinâ„¢ plastic registers and diffusers are lightweight and can withstand harsh environments, the company says.

The line is available as a three-way deflection ceiling diffuser model, a double-deflection sidewall diffuser, a two-way floor register, a modular-core T-bar, and a louvered T-bar.

Airtec ( has introduced a new exhaust grille, Model MXES. The grille is combined with the company's stepped collar design and mounting clips that are found on larger supply registers.

Airtec says the MXES features powder-coated screws and is constructed from high-grade plastics, which makes it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

The Rezzin™ plastic register and diffuser line from Hart & Cooley is designed to withstand heat and moisture.
Reggio Registers Co.( has changed the look and feel of its grilles and registers. The company recently announced that its aluminum grilles are now available in black. They are available in many different sizes and are lightweight and moisture resistant.

In another new line extension, the company now offers cast brass, cast aluminum (in three colors), or solid wood outlets.

Krueger ( recently introduced the Prism ceiling diffuser, which features an arcuate (curved) faceplate with a colored appliqué in the center. The appliqué is available in nine colors, including white, beige, olive and rust.

The Prism's one-piece stamped face locks into a one-piece stamped, round- or square-neck back pan. The diffuser also has a four-way horizontal throw pattern.

AirConcepts Inc. ( developed the Saturn Plaque Diffuser (SPD), which comes in a circular design and is available in a number of sizes and three standard powder coat finishes.

The company also introduced the Saturn Plaque Diffuser - Variable Pattern (SPDV), with a combination air pattern that adds a vertical projection component to its radial air pattern.

Publication date: 12/08/2003