ANAHEIM, Calif. - You might be wondering, "What could possibly be new in the area of grilles, registers, and diffusers?" If you attended the 2004 International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition, you wouldn't need to ask, as numerous manufacturers spotlighted their new technologies and upgraded products.

Airtec Products Corp. ( featured its Model MV diffusers, which incorporate both a diffuser outlet assembly and a damper. According to the company, the Model MV's unique design and contractor-friendly engineering save money by reducing installation time and effort by up to 80 percent. According to the manufacturer, patented design features make installation a snap: Cut a 9-inch diameter hole in the ceiling, insert the Model MV, and tighten four screws. As the screws are tightened, clips on the Model MV rotate into position, securing the unit in place. The stepped collar design accommodates 6-, 7-, or 8-inch round ducts.

Architectural Grille ( introduced its waterjet system, which is an advanced technology that eliminates the barriers in grille manufacturing and design, the company stated. The waterjet is a powerful tool, which allows the company the capability to cut any pattern in any type of material with pinpoint accuracy, said the manufacturer. This "cutting edge" technology allows architects and designers the freedom to create any custom grille, grating, or logo design.

The waterjet's unique computer software allows the manufacturer to duplicate any design, and it provides the capability to transfer designs onto any material, said the company. The waterjet has the ability to cut through materials in any thickness, so it is now possible to cut complex shapes and design patterns in materials such as paper, wood, glass, marble, and all metals, stated the company.

Carnes ( highlighted its new remote electric damper, as well as its new laminar flow diffusers, which are used, the company said, to deliver air to surface directly underneath in a non-aspirating air pattern, with minimum possible room air entrainment. According to the company, this minimizes the particulate contamination on the surface being "washed." Common applications include operating rooms, laboratories and clean rooms.

Deflect-o ( featured a new flow mechanism on its registers, which better diffuses the air throughout a room, stated the company. According to the manufacturer, its plastic registers eliminate condensate problems that produce rust, and the registers are dishwasher safe, thus making them sanitary and offering a clean appearance. They can be painted or stained to match any décor. The simple patented push-pull damper helps reduce balancing problems and improves air delivery, said the company. For venting, Deflect-o showcased its unique locking system, which uses notched pipe to lock the duct into place.

Dundas Jafine Inc. ( displayed its new plastic roof exhaust. The exhaust features 20 square inches of free area, and a one-piece molded bird screen. The unique water barrier ring prevents leakage, and it has a removable collar for easy duct connections, said the manufacturer. The company said the exhaust will not crack under extreme temperatures, and it has a wide flange area with pre-drilled holes for easy installation.

Eger Products Inc. ( showcased its plastic ceiling air diffusers, which spokesman David Koebbe said are ideal for restaurants, office buildings, hospitals, and clean environments. The diffusers are available in white, black, and taupe but are also available in specialty colors (when ordered in quantities of 200 or more). Since they're made of ABS material, they won't rust or sweat, and they won't chip or bend, stated the company. The diffusers have a 2-inch-tall neck for easier connections, the manufacturer said.

Price ( featured its displacement diffusers, which are designed to deliver conditioned air effectively to large, open spaces while maintaining low air velocities. Spokesman Alf Dyck said that conventional diffusers are designed with high face velocities that generally produce high aspiration. "Our displacement diffusers deliver conditioned air at floor level and at very low velocities, which makes the environment more comfortable," he noted.

Selkirk LLC ( displayed its Air Mate TB 170FF filter frame. According the manufacturer, the filter frame is 5 inches deep, so it's not necessary to build a metal box behind it. Spokesman Rob Clark said this results in less installation cost. The frame can accommodate a 1- to 4-inch filter. Selkirk also displayed its newly redesigned AirMate 1300 Series high air-volume ceiling diffusers. A new two-cone diffuser has been added, so that one unit can be used for T-bar lay-in or surface-mount applications. A full 1-inch collar makes connecting flex duct a breeze, said Clark, and a center hole permits damper adjustment from the face of the diffuser.

Publication date: 03/08/2004