Airguide Manufacturing LLC
The CBHML curved-blade supply register, made of 6063 extruded aluminum alloy, features all-aluminum construction with no steel. The frame has a wall thickness of 0.050 inches and is separated from the blades with injection-molded nylon bushings. This method of assembly, according to the manufacturer, eliminates corrosion and vibration. The frame mounting holes are dimpled, allowing for a counter-sunk fastener head appearance. Two-inch No. 6 oval head sheet metal screws are included. Register blades are curved in design, individually adjustable, and spaced 1-inch on center. At the outer edge of the frame is a specially engineered channel that retains an extruded flexible vinyl gasket, which produces a positive air seal at the mounting surface, minimizing smudging. The gasket is a requirement for most environmental air quality codes. Square and rectangular patterns are available.

eProduct #201

The new Model MVA reproduction grille is available in white or black with authentic cast iron texturing. Durable, lightweight polymer construction and an easy, quick-mounting system are sure to excite installers young and old, according to the company. The MVA adjusts to accommodate 6-, 7-, and 8-inch round duct and includes a gasketed damper, which closes virtually airtight.

eProduct #202

Decor Grates
The company has introduced new decorative registers including Art Deco, Oriental, and Arts & Crafts designs. These registers are available in solid brass with finishes of brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, bright brass, and brushed satin. Cast aluminum registers are available in a brushed satin finish. The company has also introduced its solid wood registers in a louvered configuration. These registers are available in beech, bamboo (natural and medium), Brazilian cherry, and birch. All designs are available in sizes ranging from 2 inches by 12 inches to 4 inches by 14 inches.

eProduct #203

Hart & Cooley
The SCBPS ceiling diffuser has a design that provides an even 360-degree airflow pattern. The SCBPS features a one-piece stamped core with fixed blades that offer superior airflow, according to the company. Providing a low-cost alternative to the company's CBPS, an adjustable curved-blade diffuser, the SCBPS has a removable perforated face and a fixed curved-blade diffuser pattern. While maintaining the same product integrity as the CBPS, the SCBPS provides a cost-efficient option when blade adjustability is not required. Both diffusers have a removable perforated face and feature optional earthquake straps.

eProduct #204

International Diversified Marketing
The Comfort 1st filtered diffuser addresses the two biggest complaints in today's offices: drafts from overhead diffusers and illness and allergic reactions from polluted ductwork. Comfort 1st combines four-way adjustable airflow along a horizontal plane, while four filters cover each discharge point on the inside portion of each louver, allowing air to be filtered as it enters the room. The filters remove pollutants as small as three-tenths of a micron, which includes many mold and mildew spores, bacteria, pollens, and more. With no airflow discharging straight down, complaints of cold drafts blowing on workers are eliminated, the company said.

eProduct #205

Jackson Systems
The Comfort System VAV diffuser is used to vary the supply air volume from a wall-mounted thermostat. The diffuser is designed to maintain draft free discharge air along the ceiling providing a sustained discharge velocity throughout the volume range. The diffuser delivers true variable air volume (VAV) in both heating and cooling modes. This is achieved by using a sophisticated P+I thermostat along with a changeover sensor mounted in the neck of the diffuser, the company said. This means the individual can choose one desired temperature at a thermostat and remain comfortable, according to the manufacturer. The VAV diffuser is constructed of heavy-gauge steel with a white, baked enamel finish and has a four-way discharge. It is available in both 24- by 24-inch and 12- by 12-inch face sizes and neck sizes from 6 to 14 inches.

eProduct #206

KEES Inc. ribbed bar security grates can be fabricated from virtually any bar material, size, and spacing including round and ribbed bars per ASTM A-627, and flat bars per ASTM A-629. The ribbed bar grates are constructed of hardened vertical ribbed bars which penetrate and interlock with a hardened horizontal flat bar without the use of welding, thereby maintaining the hardness of both bars, the company said. A wide selection of sleeves and framing are available in large sizes. Independent test results confirm materials meet ASTM A-627 and A-629 standards.

eProduct #207

Nailor Industries Inc.
The Twister Model TWR ceiling swirl diffuser is a new generation diffuser, which brings together a contemporary architectural radial vane design with a high-performance diffuser. The result is a high induction, 360-degree swirl air pattern that is engineered to maximize air distribution effectiveness.

eProduct #208

Ruskin has developed and been granted a patent on two innovative new louvers that incorporate an air measuring station. The EAML6625 and EAML3625 require only a few inches of installation depth and perform the same function as separate louvers and air monitors that require several feet of installation depth. By providing this factory-installed, integrated solution, Ruskin not only helps create and maintain healthy buildings, it also saves contractors hours of installation time and money, the company said. The EAML design uses a unique airfoil-shaped extrusion to measure airflow. The airflow information is then provided to the fresh air intake damper actuator controllers, which increase or decrease the amount of fresh air intake through the louver. EAML louvers also help reduce energy costs by improving the ability to monitor and reduce unconditioned airflow during low occupancy periods.

eProduct #209

The new AirMate TB 170 FF-4 T-bar filter frame is designed to accommodate 1-, 2-, or 4-inch filters. The TB 170 FF-4 is constructed of stamped steel for long life, has a removable face for easy cleaning, and has a 1/2-inch lance for optimal system performance, according to the company. Integral features of the TB 170 FF-4 include a fiberglass backpan and earthquake tabs. AirMate registers, grilles, and diffusers are manufactured in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes with a baked-on protective finish for a durable, long life. They have easy-to-operate dampers and are designed for maximum air distribution efficiency. Also offered are a wide variety of perforated, expanded, cone, and lanced face styles with fiberglass or metal back T-bar lay-ins.

eProduct #210

Thermo Manufacturing
New Snap-Grilles make installing return air frames literally a snap, the company said. The sturdy, precision-molded, white ABS grilles are designed for use with standard 1/2- or 5/8-inch drywall, and snap right into the 14- by 6-inch Thermo-Frame. Two grilles placed side-by-side are a perfect match for the 30- by 6-inch Thermo-Frame. No tools or screws are needed to install or remove them, and the grilles are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Snap-Grilles don't rust, there's no chipped metal to touch up, and the grilles can be painted to match any décor.

eProduct #211

Unico Inc.
This manufacturer of mini-duct central heating and air conditioning systems has announced the addition of chrome and brass finishes to the Unico System outlet line, expanding the total number of outlet styles and finishes available. In addition to the 5-inch round outlets and the 1/2- by 8-inch slotted outlet for sidewall applications, the company offers both 15- and 25-degree angled outlets for sloped ceilings and walls. Outlets can be placed in ceilings, floor, or sidewalls to accommodate unique architectural designs, the company said. Once installed, the system is virtually invisible, as the outlets blend into any décor as a result of a variety of finishes that include paintable plastic and stainable wood. Wooden versions of the outlets are available in a variety of wood species and are ideal for hardwood floor applications, according to the manufacturer.

eProduct #212

Publication date: 12/06/2004