It was nearly a dead heat for the gold between the Copeland Scrollâ„¢ UltraTechâ„¢ compressor and Check-Trolâ„¢ isolation flange among the Components and Accessories entries competing inThe News'first-ever Dealer Design Awards. At the finish line, Copeland, a Division of Emerson Climate Technologies (Sidney, Ohio), came out ahead.

Still, the Check-Trol isolation flange manufactured by Bell & Gossett (Morton Grove, Ill.), received many accolades from the contractor-judges. The product is a combination isolation valve, flow control valve, and isolation flange for circulators.

The Benchmark scroll compressor by Bristol Compressors Inc. (Bristol, Va.) took the bronze medal. One contractor-judge noted, "I saw this product at the ACCA trade show and it is impressive. Sound!"

The News’ contractor-judges described the Copeland Scroll UltraTech as being “groundbreaking.”

Gold Winner

"Groundbreaking" and "great" are just a few of the wordsNews'contractor-judges used to describe the Copeland Scroll UltraTech compressor. As one commented, "It's excellent and easy to use for capacity control of A/C compressors."

According to Copeland, its product is the first modulated scroll compressor available for the U.S. residential market. With a 67-percent part-load capacity stage, the company said systems with the compressor are able to maintain precise temperature levels and significantly lower relative humidity, eliminating uneven cooling peaks and valleys and allowing for improved comfort.

The company said its product also has an inherently simpler design; built on established scroll technology, the compressor delivers the same reliability and quiet operation as fixed-capacity scrolls. Two bypass ports on the fixed scroll enable the system to run at two-thirds, part-load capacity. Contractor research conducted by Emerson Climate Technologies has shown "that this inherently simple design is one of the product's strongest performance attributes," the company noted.

In the eyes of Copeland, contractors can now offer new benefits to the homeowner. Not only are systems with a Copeland Scroll UltraTech more efficient, the manufacturer believes they also deliver improved indoor comfort "with a quiet, simple, and reliable design."

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The Check-Trol flange from Bell & Gossett is a combination isolation valve, flow control valve, and isolation flange for circulators.

Silver Winner

The Check-Trol isolation flange also received very enthusiastic comments from our contractor-judges. One judge noted, "This is an excellent time-saving, unique product."

The panel was particularly impressed by the design and features of the flange. For instance, the full-port ball valve is designed to allow the circulator to be removed from the system without draining the system. At the same time, the interior spring check is designed to prevent gravity circulation. Meanwhile, the free-floating companion flange makes pump installation "a snap."

"Check-Trol provides minimal pressure drop, especially when compared to pressure losses that can be experienced with competitive check valves that are installed internal to the circulator," noted Robert Rathke, manager, advertising and public relations, Bell & Gossett.

In a nutshell, he said that the free-floating flange makes circulator access and servicing easier.

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Bristol Compressors’ Benchmark scroll compressor.

Bronze Winner

The Benchmark scroll is part of the Benchmark family of compressors. According to Bristol, the new product "builds on the strength of scroll technology to make it simpler, quieter, and more reliable."

Brad Baker, business development manager for the manufacturer, noted that the scrolls are manufactured "with Lego®-like ingenuity by press-fitting components into the shell, allowing for quick assembly with minimal welding and no bolts."

"The Benchmark scroll can help the contractor be the hero in HVAC installation and repair," noted Baker. It features "innovations that help contribute to the overall performance of HVAC units."

Installation and service benefits include the compressor's press-fit assembly, which, as noted above, requires no bolts. It also has simpler bearing alignment and fewer hermetic welds than competitive scrolls, all of which is designed to help eliminate a common source of leaks, explained the manufacturer.

Said Baker, "Its check valve is so effective that it requires no brake mechanism, meaning less corrosion from shredded metal caused by braking."

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Honorable Mention

Four products earned Honorable Mention from the judges in this category: the Klo-Shure insulation coupling from Klo-Shure (Royal Oak, Mich.); the Unistat from Sporlan Valve Co. (Washington, Mo.); the Aspen Mini lime pump (Model ASP-ML 115) from EZ Trap Inc. (Edison, N.J.); and the Automizer (Model 3AR02 through 3AR28) from Griswold Controls (Irvine, Calif.).

Publication date: 07/19/2004