Lennox recently introduced ComfortZoneâ„¢, an interactive Web-based tool to help builders sell home comfort system upgrades and options to new home buyers. The system is designed to allow builders to set themselves apart from the competition by providing homeowners with added comfort.

Big Builder Magazine conducted a home buyer satisfaction survey of 800 home builders. In it, buyers ranked "options and up-grades" as No. 2, right after "installation and workmanship." Builders, on the other hand, ranked options and upgrades as No. 6.

"Studies have shown most home buyers are willing to pay extra for systems that enhance comfort, a fact most of the building industry has overlooked," said Vickie Ashmore, marketing manager, Lennox Industries. "ComfortZone provides builders with a tool to help sell home comfort system upgrades."

Aiding Builders

A ComfortZone Web site can be designed for a dealer's site to make selling options and upgrades as easy and fast as possible, according to Ashmore. Dealers can decide which packages to offer. With the utility zones preloaded, an energy cost calculator can automatically calculate potential cost savings as the homebuyer selects upgrades, Ashmore indicated.

"The site provides a value-added service to new homebuyers to address comfort concerns and increase satisfaction," said Ashmore. "Dealers also benefit by setting themselves apart from the competition. Starting the selling process before homes are built takes the selling burden off, and links dealers to an industry leader your customers know and trust."

Home buyers can order comfort system upgrades and learn a lot more about energy efficiency, quiet operation, reliable performance, indoor air quality, and environmental friendliness. A glossary helps homebuyers navigate HVAC features and terms.

Helping Buyers

According to Ashmore, Lennox ComfortZone enhances buyers' comfort levels by giving them access via the Web to the very finest in home comfort and indoor air quality systems. "They can choose from furnaces and air conditioners - an indoor air quality system with industry-exclusive air purification technology, the highest efficiency furnace with SilentComfortâ„¢ technology, and air conditioners using the new chlorine-free R-410A refrigerant," she said.

Ashmore noted that ComfortZone gives customers the following features:

  • An inside look at the latest HVAC industry trends and information.

  • An online list of your available HVAC packages.

  • The ability to compare standard offerings against other options and upgrades.

  • A comfort questionnaire section designed to help customers make wise choices based on their lifestyle needs.

  • Mortgage and energy cost calculators that aid in the decision-making and upgrade process.

    For more information, visit www.lennoxcomfortzone.com.

    Publication date: 03/22/2004