Many people within the HVACR industry are sharing remembrances of recently deceased President Ronald Reagan. The Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors - National Association (PHCC) honored "The Great Communicator" with the following remembrance from PHCC's history book,A Heritage Unique.

Consider his "Message From President," delivered at the 1981 Anaheim, Calif., convention:

"By contributing to the health and safety, the comfort and convenience of our people, you supply a service of great value. Your industry, like many others, has been severely buffeted by the harsh quakes of our economy in recent years. My administration's economic recovery program attacks the programs that hinder your growth and development and points the way to a new beginning of stability and increased productivity. By generating renewed economic vigor, we can look forward to an era of progress and an era of fulfillment."

According to the book, "This statement of cooperation with business and recognition of the construction industry's impact, and p-h-c industry's vital contributions, and essential role in the economy, buoyed the spirits of contractors."

Publication date: 06/14/2004