Bobby Ring served as master of ceremonies during the "I've Got An Idea" session at the recent ACCA conference.
PALM SPRINGS, Calif. — One of the highlights of the annual ACCA conference is the exchange of ideas from contractors during the “I’ve Got an Idea” session on the last day of the show. Not only are the ideas interesting, but so is the conversation, thanks to Bobby Ring of Meyer & Depew, Inc., Kenilworth, N.J.

Ring has been the master of ceremonies for the past few years and is always good for some lively comments, jokes, and insults, as well as insights about running a profitable business. This year was no exception, as he took a lighthearted pounding from other contractors who teased him about his New Jersey roots.

Here are some of the ideas discussed at the session:

  • Using the ACCA Chapter Executive Meeting to be held this year in St. Louis in mid-June as a “MIX Group-type” meeting for ACCA chapter executives.

  • Putting light-gauge metal tags on furnaces instead of stickers, which would have a serial number to track that unit (around 17 cents each in bulk quantities).

  • Forwarding customer testimonial letters to the employee’s family.

  • Rewarding employees with merchandise during a reward breakfast.

  • Buying a thermos cooler stocked with many food and beverage items to last a week for each tech.

  • Holding meetings each week to discuss all problems from previous week, including callbacks.

  • Bringing in speakers to talk with employees during regular meetings (e.g., a local minister to talk about marriage matters, teen problems) giving employees a sense that you care about them off the job as well as on the job.

  • for free color printer.

  • Tracking your domain name to ensure that it is registered.

  • Spraying a fragrance on a new furnace filter (with customer approval) to give a clean scent which lasts about a day.

  • Logging on to to identify where to look for cracks in heat exchangers.

    Publication date: 05/26/2003