LAS VEGAS, NV — Do you have an idea to make your business better? A lot of contractors at the ACCA meeting had great ideas — and shared them with a large gathering of business owners. Each person submitting an idea was given $20 or $40 by emcee Robert (Bobby) Ring of Meyer & Depew Co., Kenilworth, NJ.

Here’s a list of some of the “winning” ideas:

  • Print surveys on the work ticket that customers can fill out and return;
  • Offer to change light bulbs for customers and equip trucks with extension poles to replace light bulbs in homes with high ceilings;
  • Offer free filter changes during slow times;
  • Sponsor a local career day involving students, educators, and contractors;
  • Place magnetic “Now Hiring” signs on company vehicles;
  • Offer portable heaters to customers who need heat while a system is being repaired or replaced;
  • Prohibit cellular phone use while driving or in front of a customer and impose a limit on personal cell phone usage;
  • Have techs hand out preprinted cards describing what to look for if the customer suspects a refrigerant leak;
  • Require a “hefty” down payment for each job (1/3 to 1/2 of the total);
  • Talk about soft skill training during meals (at conventions);
  • Contact the local media and ask to be put on a “source list” for stories involving the hvacr trade.
  • Publication date: 03/26/2001