Chillgard® L Series refrigerant monitors meet ASHRAE 15-2001 entryway signaling requirements for visual and audible alarms. The Chillgard LE and LC monitors have strobe and horn options, as well as a display that shows the refrigerant concentration, which alerts personnel to gas levels and alarms before they enter the monitored area. The LS Photoacoustic infrared refrigerant monitor, available in single-point diffusion and four-point pumped models, can detect R-11, R-12, R-22, R-123, and R-134a, the company states. It can be configured to detect a different refrigerant at a different date. The LC control module works with the LS gas sensor modules to provide remote signaling and control capability in refrigerant monitoring applications. The LE monitor combines the benefits of the LS monitor and the LC monitor in one enclosure, the company states.

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