An upgraded version of the LT17A digital multimeter (DMM) is available. In addition to volts and amps, the DMM measures functions such as temperature, MFD (motor start and run capacitors), ohms (motor windings), and microamps (flame rectifier diode circuit). The four millivolt (mV) ranges (200mV and 2,000 mV ac and dc) enable the unit to use all the company's accessory heads. It measures temperature with a K-type thermocouple for ranges from -30° to 1,400°F. The DMM features a bright blue backlit display; a magnetic hanger on the back; a temperature calibration pot on the face of the meter for easy ice bucket calibration; a newly tooled case with a rugged front-overhang design; and a protective rubber holster. The instrument comes with the ACH4 current clamp, which is designed to make it easy to separate and grab just one wire from a bundle. Removable tip test leads are included.

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