The Q air terminal is a 100-percent outside air system, having no cross contamination of air from room to room so bacteria, odors, and other contaminants won't spread throughout the building, states the manufacturer. The patented Induced Air Distribution System removes pollen and microbial contaminants, the company says. The air terminals take dry ventilation air at an inlet static pressure of 1-inch water column or less and distributes this air through a bank of specially designed aerodynamic nozzles. These nozzles discharge high-velocity air into a mixing chamber that creates a lower pressure. The lower pressure draws room air over a coil, imparting either sensible cooling or heating. This induced room air then mixes with the primary air and is discharged through a grille at the ceiling, the company says. This air circulates throughout the room and is drawn back up to the return grille of the air terminal.

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