GLV International Ltd.’s new insulated and uninsulated Square Flexible Air Ducts are all UL 181 listed flexible air ducts specifically designed for installation in areas with restricted or limited space that cannot accept standard round ducts. Available in lengths of up to 25 feet and in equivalent diameter sizes up to 25 inches, the ducts come with R-4.2, R-6.0 and R-8.0 formaldehyde free insulation. The product line includes Insulated Square Metalized Air Ducts, Uninsulated Square Air Ducts, Insulated Square Semi-Rigid Aluminum Air Ducts, Uninsulated Square Aluminum Air Ducts, and Semi-Rigid Aluminum Air Ducts. The insulated Square Flexible Air Ducts are suitable for low, medium, and high pressure HVAC systems and the uninsulated Square Flexible Air Ducts can be used for the safe venting of kitchen and bathroom fans, kitchen range hoods, as well as heating and air conditioning supply and return ducts.
For contractors, this product eliminates most need for 90-degree elbows and it can connect to standard round, oval or rectangular air conditioning attachments.

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