The company’s insulated and uninsulated square flexible air ducts are all UL 181-listed and specifically designed for installation in areas with restricted or limited space that cannot accept standard round ducts. According to the manufacturer, the air ducts are the perfect alternative for contractors and installers needing to fit insulated or uninsulated ducting through limited ceiling or structural framing, between floor joists, or behind drywall construction. The air ducts are available in lengths of up to 25 feet and in diameter sizes up to 25 inches, with R-4.2, R-6.0, and R-8.0 and formaldehyde-free insulation. They are manufactured in six new product ranges, including insulated square metalized air ducts, insulated square semi-rigid aluminum air ducts (patent pending), uninsulated square semi-rigid aluminum air ducts (patent pending), and uninsulated square aluminum air ducts.

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