Orlando, Fla. - A new product displayed at the AHR Expo was the SST solid-state transformer Model 399-0642 bySelco/ECC(www.selcoproducts.com). The SST is a replacement for a standard transformer and can be placed in any type of HVACR commercial or industrial equipment. The transformer can be used with such devices as temperature controls and timers. It can accept a wide input voltage range of 75 to 305 VAC at up to 500Hz. Another of the company's new products at the expo was a family of electronic temperature controllers. The 2696-C and the 2696-H offer temperature control for cold or hot cycling for refrigeration and heater control applications. Model 2697-C provides temperature control for cold cycling for refrigeration control applications. Model 2698 cold/hot controller offers heating-cooling sensing and control for a variety of units ranging from freezers to spas. Products such as dehumidifiers are supplied with heating, cooling, and humidity sensing and control by Model 2699.

Publication date: 02/28/2005