WILSON, N.C. - The 16th Military Police Brigade, stationed in Iraq, is getting help from Southern Piping Co. The contractor is part of "Operation Comfort," a program that sends packages of miscellaneous items to troops.

The company's first shipment of 425 pounds arrived in July, and consisted of items like toothpaste, books, razors, bug spray, soap, hand wipes, disposable cameras, and other items. The second shipment of about 750 pounds is currently in the works, and will include medical goods from the local hospital, as well as toys to help build a rapport with local citizens.

Southern Piping has received approximately $2,500 to buy more items. Also, a local newspaper recently joined the project and is helping to collect items for the troops. "We're having a great time doing this, and plan to continue when the 16th rotates home in January," said Tim Williford of Southern Piping. "They are our heroes, our best and brightest, and they are at the tip of the spear. They deserve all the support we can give them."

This is just the latest humanitarian effort of the company. Earlier this year, Southern Piping sent $7,000 to the Fort Bragg Area Community Foundation in North Carolina for the families of those killed in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Publication date: 09/20/2004