The pCon with OPC is a Windows® software-based multiloop autotune gain-scheduled temperature/process PID controller with integrated configurable HMI operator interface touch screens. It uses Excel files as its database. It can be integrated with other HMI programs. The PID controller can be remotely controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC). According to the company, hundreds of different brands of I/O sensors, outputs, relays, and PLCs can be connected locally or remotely to the pCon PC over many different communication networks using OLE for Process Control (OPC). The pCon can be monitored and controlled from the Internet, using PCAnywhere, or any remote networked PC. The beta release of pCon with OPC is available for download for free from the company's Web site.

PC-PID LLC, 5870 North Allen Rd., Allen, MI 49227;;

eProduct #193