duct inspection camera and tablet PCThe Marketing Inspection Camera and the Android Tablet PC can enhance HVAC contractors’ service-selling efforts by providing high-resolution visuals to better educate clients on IAQ improvement, said the company. According to the manufacturer, homeowners will fix an IAQ problem in their homes if a contractor takes the time to educate them, and it’s difficult for a homeowner to deny a problem exists when presented with visuals of what is currently in their ducts, and possibly floating in the air they’re breathing. The Android Tablet PC is preloaded with marketing materials and Rotobrush manuals for assistance with education and service efforts, and its Wi-Fi feature provides Internet access for video downloading. Contractors can also use the Android Tablet PC as a monitor to show clients what the Marketing Inspection Camera records. Both products are compact and lightweight. The camera’s features include 120-degree wide-angle, high-definition camera lens; motion-detect function; white LED light; and built-in high-capacity lithium battery. It supports up to 32GB micro SD card. Features of the tablet include 7-inch monitor, 4GB storage, handles all video formats up to 1080p, 1.3M quality still camera, built-in rechargeable lithium battery, built-in speaker and microphone, and USB port/HDMI output.

Rotobrush International LLC

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