ANAHEIM, Calif. - International Diversified Marketing Inc. (IDM) is launching its new air filtration system, the Comfort 1st Filtered Diffuser, at the 2004 AHR Expo here. This sequel to its Control-A-Flow and Breathe Easy devices combines the best features of both into one unit, says the company.

According to IDM, the Comfort 1st Filtered Diffuser addresses the two biggest complaints in today's offices: drafts from overhead diffusers and illness and allergic reactions from polluted ductwork.

"By eliminating complaints of drafts and allergic reactions to duct pollution, companies save money from fewer sick days taken and increased productivity," explained David Northcutt, inventor of the system and president of IDM. "As IAQ [indoor air quality] concerns grow, employers will look for affordable ways to protect their employees from illness and discomfort."

Publication date: 01/26/2004