ARLINGTON, VA — In an effort to ensure that perishable foods stored, displayed, and dispensed in retail stores throughout the world for off-premises consumption are adequately protected throughout the final stage in the distribution process, the Commercial Refrigerator Manufacturers Division (CRMD) of the Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (ARI) has created ARI Standard 1200-2002, “Commercial Refrigerated Display Cases.”

The standard establishes definitions, test requirements, rating requirements, minimum data requirements for published ratings, marking and nameplate data, and conformance conditions for commercial refrigerated display cases.

According to ARI, Standard 1200-2002 is intended for the guidance of the industry, including manufacturers, engineers, installers, contractors, and users. The values reported using this standard allow comparison of energy consumption between remote cases or comparison of energy consumption between self-contained commercial refrigerated display cases.

This standard applies to manufacturers’ standard catalog of commercial refrigerated display cases. All shapes, sizes, and configurations are included, provided that the cases are equipped and designed to work with electrically driven, direct expansion-type systems, including self-contained and remote commercial refrigerated display cases; open and closed commercial refrigerated display cases; service and self-service commercial refrigerated display cases.

More information on Standard 1200-2002 can be found at (website).

Publication date: 12/02/2002