ARLINGTON, VA — Following three years of development, the Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (ARI) has announced the introduction of its new Indoor Pool Dehumidifiers Certification Program.

The certification program, based on ARI Standard 910, “Indoor Pool Dehumidifiers,” initiated in 1999, covers factory-made residential, commercial, and industrial pool dehumidifiers.

In its certification programs, ARI verifies manufacturers’ certified performance ratings of industry products in continuous and extensive laboratory testing. Units, randomly selected, are tested using procedures, such as those stipulated in ARI Standard 910, to verify that they meet the manufacturers’ published performance ratings. Participation in ARI’s certification programs is voluntary and open to members and non-members of ARI on an equal basis.

"ARI-certified products are sought worldwide because of the integrity of the certification program," said Reinhold Kittler, chairman of the Indoor Pool Dehumidifiers product section. "Our section's current activities are aimed at enhancing that position and image for our members and those depending on our ARI-certified equipment."

An indoor pool dehumidifier provides the function of dehumidifying, air circulation, air reheating, and may include the function of air cooling, air filtration, pool water heating, and air-to-air heat recovery.

An indoor pool dehumidifier typically consists of one or more factory-made assemblies, which include an indoor cooling/dehumidifying coil, an air reheat coil, compressor(s), and an air-moving device. It may also include a refrigerant condenser-pool water heater, an auxiliary refrigerant condenser, air-cooled or water-cooled, the introduction of outdoor air for ventilation, the discharge of exhaust air, and an air-to-air heat recovery device.

The ARI certification emblem was developed to assure customers that the products they are buying will perform as claimed.

For more information, contact Joel Solis, ARI certification engineer, at

Publication date: 09/16/2002