ARLINGTON, Va. — The Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) has announced a new certification program for active chilled beams. AHRI said the Active Chilled Beams (ACB) program is its 44th performance certification program for the HVACR and water heating industry.

AHRI Standards 1240 (I-P) and 1241 (SI), Performance Rating of Active Chilled Beams, have been published, and will serve as the rating standards for the new ACB certification program. The program includes active beams that are defined as air induction and diffusion devices that introduce conditioned air to control temperature and/or humidity and deliver primary air through a series of nozzles. The ACB program will certify water flow rate, water pressure drop, water coil capacity, primary airflow rate, sound generation, and induced airflow rate.

“This program, as with all programs, is the result of hard work and dedication by the industry to develop a rating standard for products, as well as a manual for managing a fair and balanced certification program that can be utilized by consumers, government, contractors, design engineers, and of course, manufacturers,” said Bill Tritsis, vice president of certification. “AHRI programs have served the industry for more than 50 years by independently verifying manufacturers’ performance ratings for a variety of equipment.”

The AHRI Product Performance Certification Programs are voluntary programs, administered and governed by AHRI, to ensure that various types of HVACR and water heating equipment perform according to manufacturers’ published claims. Products certified through the programs are continuously tested, at the direction of AHRI, by independent third-party laboratories under contract to AHRI to determine each product’s ability to conform to one or more product rating standards or specifications.

Manufacturers interested in joining the ACB program may contact Mary Opalka at Performance data for certified products are available in the AHRI Directory of Certified Product Performance (

Publication date: 2/2/2015

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