From left, John Flood, Tom Dazzo, and Lonny Sise pose in front of the Roseville (Mich.) Habitat for Humanity home where they installed its HVAC system.
ROSEVILLE, Mich. — Lonny Sise has been around the block and back several times as a service tech and former business owner. The retired worker still keeps busy in the HVACR community whenever he sees the need to lend a helping hand.

Sise recently contacted News’ contractor consultant Mary Marble to see if she could help get some media coverage for the work that he and his friends at Comfort Temp (Ray, Mich.) were doing with the local Habitat for Humanity organization.

Sise, along with Tom Dazzo and John Flood from Comfort Temp recently completed installation of a WeatherKing furnace and all of the ductwork in a Habitat for Humanity home in the Detroit suburb of Roseville. Dazzo and Flood donated their labor and local distributor J&J Sheet Metal supplied the furnace and supplies at cost.

“This is the first time we’ve worked on a Habitat for Humanity home,” added Dazzo. “It’s been a little hard to judge our total labor hours — but all of it has been free.”

Sise found out about the home after reading a column in the local Macomb Daily newspaper. “They run stories asking for volunteers,” he said. “A lot of people helped on this project, both unskilled labor and union shops, too.”

Sise also applauded the local city government and the future homeowner. “The city of Roseville and its inspector, Don Franklin, have been very helpful,” he said. “And the occupant has put in a lot of sweat equity.”

“Projects like this tend to move more smoothly, since the labor involved is usually experienced,” added Franklin. “We usually have no problems.”

Dazzo said that his four-man company usually works in the commercial market and occasionally works on custom homes. But he felt a need to volunteer for this project.

“The community gives a lot to us and this is our chance to give a little back,” he added.

Publication date: 07/07/2003