HelpmanSelect is a selection software program designed to help users pick from a range of equipment. The program features five selection modules: air coolers - refrigerant, air-cooled condensers, air coolers - brine, dry coolers, and cold rooms. Air coolers can be selected by different variables, such as frost layer thickness, humidity level, or refrigerant liquid temperature. Calculations that can be made using the software include calculation for cold rooms for cooling or freezing applications, subcooling circuits, and brine subcoolers for dry coolers. A new feature of this release is that the user can enter his own discount structure. This program comes in eight languages — English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian. The program has active links to the company’s Web site, so that the user can gather additional product information, such as product specs.

Helpman BV, P.O. Box 44, 9700 AA Groningen, Netherlands; +31 50 5217 555; +31 50 5264 878 (fax);;

eProduct #183