TORONTO, ON, Canada — Weil-McLain (Michigan City, IN) took the wraps off its newest product, the Ultra Boiler, at the recent ISH North America show in Toronto. The introduction came at a special press conference hosted by the manufacturer.

Weil-McLain president Bob Grussey kicked off the press conference with praise for the product’s design. “It is a true break from tradition — out of the box technology,” he said. “This product is truly sexy.

“It took less than 10 months to bring the product from concept to market, which is half of the normal process time.”

Weil-McLain's Ultra boiler.


The company stated that the Ultra would be available in mid-December. There will be two models, Ultra 155 and Ultra 230. The company described its various features this way:

  • “The boiler features ‘PhD’ (precision hydronic data) technology that delivers precision hydronic heating and hot water needs while maximizing efficiency by measuring and responding to the data parameters of a heating system.

  • “A totally new innovative design concept allows for versatile installation. The boiler requires minimal clearance and minimal floor space; and the same boiler can be used in floor-standing or wall-hung applications.

  • “The Ultra 230 features 92.8% AFUE and the Ultra 155 features 93.05% AFUE. Both boilers, when used in common low-temperature applications, have annual efficiencies of 98%, exceeding all requirements of the Department of Energy.

  • “The boiler offers a cast mono block aluminum heat exchanger designed to operate in low-temperature condensing applications. Also, gas valve, blower, and venturi technology constantly maintain optimal air and fuel ratio at all firing rates.”

    “This is probably the most exciting product I’ve worked on in 15 years with the company,” said Neil Rolph, director of product development for Weil-McLain. “I just installed one in my own home. The appearance is very attractive. My wife actually takes her friends downstairs to look at it.”

    Rolph demonstrated some of the features of the Ultra, including removal of the front panel with only two screws. He noted that the connections on top of boiler were designed to accommodate space-saving applications, and that a built-in electrical outlet was included for running accessories.

    The Ultra has a limited 15-year heat exchanger warranty and a homeowner protection plan with five years on parts and labor, according to the company.

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    Publication date: 11/25/2002