Transport refrigeration is joining in the general refrigeration trend in the use of scroll compressors. One example is equipment from Thermo King of Minneapolis, MN. The company has expanded its eutectic condensing systems to include a new series offering a choice of scroll, and in the future, reciprocating compressors. The EC and ENC Series eutectic condensers are designed for trucks offering door-to-door delivery service.

“We saw an opportunity to offer the market an alternative condenser product line,” explained Steve Stucky, Thermo King global marketing director. “The EC Series is a complete line of 16 end-use models using hermetic scroll compressors, which are available in 2- and 3-hp sizes, offering single- and three-phase electricals, for either medium- or low-temperature applications, and in both nose-mount or under-mount styles.

“We have created a complete condenser as well, making installations easier and much less time consuming than traditional systems.”

The models were designed for delivery trucks hauling fresh and frozen products. The EC Series design uses a fan and a large condenser coil configured in a more traditional airflow manner than existing eutectic condensers on the market, according to Stucky.

“Energy use is important to our customers. We focused on developing a very efficient condenser product to allow them to get the most performance for their money,” said Stucky. The new units are built to work in any cargo compartment configuration and with products ranging from fresh and frozen dairy and meals to deli sandwiches. Stucky said the condensers can be fitted to any truck body design and eutectic plate system.

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Publication date: 06/03/2002