MYRTLE BEACH, SC — Tarik Haque, an instructor of electrical engineering technology at Southeastern Community College (SCC) in Whiteville, NC, collaborated with representatives from Ebtron, Inc., to develop original system software for miniature Web servers. Ebtron is a manufacturer of microcontroller-based airflow and temperature devices based in Loris, SC.

Haque worked with Michael Urbaniak, senior vice president, and Rick Rivers, design engineer, of Ebtron to develop the software. The developments will be used in Haque’s classes at SCC, while Ebtron intends to embed the Motorola 68HC908 Digital DNA™ microcontroller, together with the original software systems developed by the group, in many of the company’s newest sensor products.

Ebtron’s airflow measuring systems are used in a building’s ventilation ducts to monitor and output data to control airflow and temperature for heating and air-conditioning through the building’s digital control system.

Urbaniak plans to use this tiny Web server in the airflow measuring systems so that any hand-held or central computer will be able to retrieve data through a building’s automation system intranets or the Internet.

“Although several miniature commercial Web servers are currently available, Ebtron, which builds micro-controller-based airflow measuring systems, developed its Web server from scratch and designed it based upon specific company requirements,” said Haque.

Publication date: 01/28/2002