ATLANTA, GA — At the Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Expo, Honeywell featured a communications tool designed to give contractors and facility staff password-protected Web access to commercial and industrial burner-boiler controls.

According to the company, its new FlameNet Web server is designed to provide Web access to the manufacturer’s microprocessor-based 7800 Series burner controls and the company’s ControlLinks™ fuel air control system. It described its new product as “the industry’s first affordable linkage-less alternative to traditional mechanical cam and linkage assemblies.”

“For the first time, customers can access burner-boiler controls over the Internet,” said Dennis Mool, general manager of Com-mercial/Industrial Combustion Controls, Honeywell. “Real-time, 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year Web access to burner-boiler controls can help improve service, efficiency, and uptime.”

According to Mool, if there is a problem, such as a fault or an equipment issue, FlameNet notifies the customer, contractor, or both by e-mail, Web page, cell or standard phone, hand-held devices, fax, or other means. He said the FlameNet Web server lets customers create and customize how they display control data in an “easy-to-use Web page format.”

“Anyone who surfs the Internet can easily use FlameNet,” said Mool.


Honeywell also introduced several new burner-boiler control products, including:

  • C6097 gas/air pressure switch. These switches are now rated for a minimum ambient temperature of -40üF. According to Honeywell, the C6097 gas/air pressure switches feature a more compact size, lower application cost, and added reliability when compared to traditional gas/air pressure switches.
  • C7927/R7851 ultraviolet flame detector and amplifier. According to the company, these solid-state devices use emerging electronic flame-sensing technology to indicate the presence of flame. They work with the company’s 7800 Series burner control relay modules “to provide flame supervision for gas, oil, or combination gas-oil burner.”
  • CR7890 integrated burner control. Part of the 7800 Series burner control line, the CR7890 control’s “all-in-one” design features burner safety sequencing and flame detection in a compact enclosure.
  • RM7838C semi-automatic industrial programming control. The company said this microprocessor-based integrated burner control is for use with industrial process semi-automatically fired gas, oil, coal, or combustion fuel single-burner applications. It said the system consists of a relay module, wiring subbase, keyboard display module, amplifier, and purge card.
  • ML7999B ControLinks™ 4-20 mA direct-coupled actuator. Designed for the company’s ControLinks Fuel Air Ratio System, the company said the ML7999B actuator provides 100 lb-in. torque, 4-20 mA control input of fuel valves in fixed air damper combustion systems.


    Mool also talked about the company’s new gas valve train solutions “which gives customers turnkey purchasing options.”

    “We’re seeing a steady shift from components to systems and solutions,” he said. “Customers increasingly are asking for the convenience and time savings of ready-to-install solutions and one-stop shopping. We responded with the complete valve train solutions, which are code approved, leak tested, and ready to install.”

    According to Mool, manufacturers and distributors of commercial and industrial burners, boilers, furnaces, ovens, kilns, and other natural or LP gas combustion equipment use its valve train. He also said the company’s valve train solutions are possible, in part, through a joint marketing and distribution alliance with Maxitrol Company (Southfield, MI). According to Mool, Maxitrol supplies Honeywell with Maxitrol’s flange versions of straight-through-flow and balanced valve regulators that can be incorporated in the Honeywell integrated valve train.

    “Our customers can now purchase an assembled valve train that is virtually complete,” he said, noting that the valve train is available in both unassembled and pre-assembled configuration.

    Finally, Honeywell introduced its S7810M ModBus Networking module, designed to provide communications and networking with ModBus protocol control systems, which are widely used in building automation and industrial auto-mation. It also gives the ability to interface with the company’s devices, such as its 7800 Series burner controls.

    Publication date: 02/26/2001