The Enviracom™ communicating thermostat connects to a home’s HVAC system and a personal computer using Vicar WorksSM software by Vicar Networks. Homeowners can access, monitor, and program heating and cooling systems at a home computer, and via a Web browser or digital cell phone when they’re away from the house. This tie gives builders a simple-to-install HVAC control and energy management solution, says the manufacturer. According to the manufacturer, contractors connect the Enviracom interface module, plug an adapter into the PC serial port, and connect three wires. Diagnostic codes help guide installers through the installation. The thermostat has a seven-day programmable schedule and controls the temperature within 1 degree F and Adaptive Intelligence®, which means the thermostat automatically knows when to turn on the heating or cooling so the temperature is at the homeowner’s programmed settings. The thermostat can be used with networked zoning.

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