Redi-Purge™ Model PRG-11/123-C3 and PRG-113-C3 microprocessor-controlled ultra high efficiency purge unit is made for low-pressure centrifugal chillers (R-11, R-123, and R-113). It obtains a 0.59 pounds of CFC/pound of air emission, while the Carbon Emission Collection Canister obtains 0.0049 pounds of CFC/pound of air and the Cryoline Emission Collection Canister obtains 0.00040 pounds of CFC/pounds of air, states the manufacturer. According to the manufacturer, the refrigerant charge does not have to be pulled for installation. The purger does not need to be mounted on top of the chiller. The microprocessor controller is designed to learn the chiller’s needs and operate only when necessary.

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