MaxiSoft Pipe Marker, version 2, is a Windows-based safety software for marking piping systems, valves, tags, conduit, hoses, and cable. It is a system for designing and printing safety-compliant markers, signs, labels, and tags in-house and on demand. It contains over 500 predefined, ready-to-use pipe markers or tags that comply with OSHA, ANSI, IIAR, CGA, NFPA, ASME, and NEC regulations and standards. The software also contains easy-to-understand regulation summaries to assist with identification compliance standards, states the company. The software offers custom design capabilities. Users can add custom text, pictographs, directional flow arrows, safety signal word headers, serial numbers, ISO-compliant symbols, and organizational personalization. This system includes the MaxiSoft software, Thermal Transfer Printer, and all-weather PolyDurable pressure-sensitive materials matched to the ANSI color standards.

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