The ETV Electronic Tempering Valve, a primary loop valve, has an electronic controller and digital display to indicate temperature and adjust setpoints. The total valve package includes a valve body, valve motor assembly, a control module with a digital display and a sensor. It can be used in any application where the company's thermostatic valves may be used and has an accuracy of ±4 degrees to 5 degrees F. Its operating life is not vulnerable to periods of no flow. The Elite Series of hot water reset controls known as Heat-Trol® has three new models in the line: the HWE Single-Stage for single boiler control, HWE-MOV for motorized valve control, and HWE Multi-Stage for control of multiple boiler systems. Features include digital indication of all sensor temperatures, control parameters, and loop pump and boiler status, control diagnostics to indicate sensor problems, and domestic hot water priority for boiler applications that provide both domestic hot water and system heating. These controls are designed for both light commercial and residential applications.

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