The G7 Series adjustable-speed drive (asd) is now available at 40 hp and below. This pulse-width modulating asd provides flux vector technology with or without encoder feedback. It works for dc as well as ac applications. The G7 is rated at 110% continuous and 150% for 120 sec. It contains a start-up wizard to make initial programming easy, states the company; the unit sets features and parameters suitable for the process based on the answers given to a few questions. Features of the G7 include removable terminal strip, RS232/RS485 and TTL communication ports, programmable digital and analog I/O, and programmable scrolling monitor.

Toshiba International Corp., attn: Adjustable Speed Drive Applications and Marketing, 13131 West Little York Rd., Houston, TX 77041; 877-877-5193; (website).

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