The Q9 HVAC adjustable-speed drive is designed for commercial variable-torque applications such as fans and pumps for variable air volume systems, cooling towers, and pump systems. It is offered in 460 V, 1 to 100 horsepower (hp) and 230 V, 1 to 60 hp. It has an overload rating of 100 percent continuous and 110 percent for one minute. The drive features damper permissive control that prevents the drive from running when the dampers are closed. This feature is available for use in bypass mode and if the drive is being used alone. The drive also offers a Low Output Disable function which forces the drive to zero speed if it operates at the lower limit frequency for a user-defined time span, commonly referred to as the Sleep function. This allows for additional energy savings during times when there is not a demand for heating or cooling. The Q9’s Speed Search function allows the drive to detect the speed and direction, and then adjust to a spinning motor in case of power outage.

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