The OAM Purgerâ„¢ automatically removes oil, acid, and moisture from a centrifugal chiller's refrigerant charge and returns removed oil to the chiller's oil sump. The improved OAM-Purger is easier to install as it is no longer liquid level sensitive, says the manufacturer. Three sight glasses have been added to observe operation and assist in determining liquid level in the chiller. It utilizes an EZ Changeâ„¢ quick connect refrigerant filter, which can be changed while the system is running. Other features of models OAM-LPC200-11/113, OAM-LPC200-123, and OAM HPC200 for low- and high-pressure refrigerant centrifugal chiller applications include 120 vac, three 1/4-inch connections to existing chiller ports, and an average rate of 850-1,250 pounds per week (44,000-65,000 pounds per year) of refrigerant processed.

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