QUINCY, MA — The National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA’s) Building Code Technical Correlating Committee has acted to bring the proposed NFPA 5000 Building Code to a vote by NFPA members. The committee recently completed actions on public comments made regarding the latest draft of NFPA 5000. As a result, the committee’s “Report on Comments” will be available for public review this month.

In May, the proposed code will be voted on by NFPA members at the association’s annual World Safety Conference and Exposition. If approved and subsequently issued by the Standards Council, NFPA 5000 will be the first building code developed through a consensus process accredited by the American National Standards Institute.

The 300 technical committees responsible for developing and updating all NFPA codes and standards include 6,000 volunteers, representing enforcing authorities, installation and maintenance, labor, research and testing, insurance, special experts, consumers, and other users. All NFPA members have the opportunity to vote before a document is published.

For more information on NFPA 5000, visit www.nfpa.org (website).

Publication date: 03/11/2002