ABBEVILLE, SC — A South Carolina manufacturer has a new product and a number of ways to view it.

Thermaflex has announced the FlexFlow Elbow™, designed to ensure a flexible duct connection to a diffuser so as to maintain the proper shape for maximum airflow. The unit works as a brace that holds the ductwork in place, forming the flex duct into a 90-degree elbow.

The company said the elbow installs over the duct in a few seconds at the diffusers and round taps using an adjustable strap system similar to a zip tie. The elbow fits over the outside of the duct and is secured into place without fasteners or tape.

Officials added that since airflow through the bend is said to be improved, it might be possible in many installations to use longer sections of flex duct without negatively affecting system efficiency.

To promote the new product, the company announced the availability of a color brochure which can be requested at 800-459-4822. Information can also be viewed and obtained through the website

Publication date: 03/25/2002