No two buildings are the same, and in the HVAC commercial sector, product flexibility is imperative. This flexibility creates great competition between the multiple products that boast the same function. Size, efficiency, and dependability matter, but in the end, it was these competitors’ application flexibility that helped them win this competition. Winners of theThe NEWS’seventh annual Dealer Design Awards’ HVAC Commercial Equipment category are WaterFurnace International, Lochinvar Corp., and Modine Manufacturing Co. The first took gold for its Envision NXW Series water-to-water heat pumps. The second took silver for its three new models in the Armor Commercial Water Heater line. The third took bronze for its Effinity93 with Conservicore Technology.

GOLD WINNER: WaterFurnace International’s Envision NXW Series provides hot and chilled water from the same machine.


The Envision NXW Series water-to-water heat pumps from WaterFurnace International provide water heating and cooling for a wide range of applications, including pools, commercial aquariums, radiant floor heating, ice melt, chilled water applications, and industrial process water. They also provide precisely heated or cooled water for fan coils and can replace low-efficiency water-cooled chillers and electric boilers. The Envision NXW Series provides hot and chilled water from the same machine. With a large range of capacities in a compact sized cabinet, these Envision NXW units will fit through most doors for easy installation.

“This is a nice looking product with great retrofit possibilities. It’s a good size for retrofit - small and compact,” said one contractor judge. “The ability to provide hot and chilled water simultaneously provides an excellent alternative.”

High efficiencies are obtained using scroll compressors - two are used in the dual-circuited unit. Units are controlled using the Johnson Controls FX10 microprocessor which sequences all components and functions to achieve maximum performance, and enables easy connection to a building automation system with N2 Open, BACnet, or LonWorks protocols. The unit’s brazed plate heat exchangers are constructed with 316 stainless steel for long life.

It has a dual refrigerant circuit along with quick attach wiring harnesses that are used throughout for fast servicing, high and low pressure refrigerant service ports, and optional user interface for diagnostics and commissioning of FX controls.

SILVER WINNER: Lochinvar Corp.’s new 98 percent thermally efficient models offer inputs of 600,000, 700,000 and 800,000 Btuh.


Lochinvar Corp. introduced three new models to its line of Armor Commercial Water Heaters. These new 98 percent thermally efficient models offer inputs of 600,000, 700,000 and 800,000 Btuh, making them ideal for larger commercial applications. Offering the same proven design and advanced technology, the new Armor models feature a stainless steel heat exchanger and 5:1 modulating turndown, which allows them to fire as low as 20 percent of maximum input and smoothly modulate up to 100 percent depending on demand.

They are also equipped with Lochinvar’s Smart System™ operating control, which includes a built-in cascading sequencer for installations using up to eight water heaters. In addition, the Smart System features a two-line, 16-character LCD display using easy-to-understand words instead of codes. Other standard control features are a built-in water heater pump control, password security, and night setback. Optional software is also available for a PC, which offers expanded capability for recording, tracking, and analyzing system data to fine-tune operation for maximum performance and troubleshooting. The units can be vented using PVC or CPVC pipe and permits direct-vent distances up to 100 feet for both combustion air and vent runs. A compact design and small footprint allow for easy installation. The addition of these larger models allows for inputs up to 6.4 million Btuh.

BRONZE WINNER: Modine Manufacturing Co.’s Effinity93 comes standard with Conservicore Technology.


Six models of Modine Manufacturing Co.’s Effinity93 with Conservicore Technology are available, ranging from 135,000 Btuh at the low end, to 310,000 Btuh input on the high end. These gas fired unit heaters operate at 93 percent efficiency, have the option of running on propane or natural gas, and are constructed out of the same physical box size as Modine’s existing line of 80 percent power vented models. The Conservicore feature, standard on all units, is a high-grade stainless steel secondary heat exchanger built to withstand the acidic condensate created from a high efficiency unit.

The Effinity93 was created with the contractor in mind. Designed specifically for contractors, the Contractor Convenience Package, a standard feature on all units, allows for easier connectivity and troubleshooting. It includes a service outlet for a condensate pump, utility light, or for cleaning; operational status lights indicate power-to-the-unit, a call-for-heat, and gas valve operation, eliminating the need to climb 10 to 20 feet in the air to diagnose any problems; and a convenient junction box for power connections that is outside the main body of the unit, making it possible for servicing technicians to not have to break into the main heat chamber of the unit.


Gold Winner:
WaterFurnace International
Envision NXW Series

Silver Winner:
Lochinvar Corp.
Armor Commercial Water Heater

Bronze Winner:
Modine Manufacturing Co.
Effinity93 with Conservicore Technology

Publication date:07/12/2010