TOKYO - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) awarded a 2006 Climate Protection Award to Denso Corp. for developing Ejector Cycle®, a new technology that reduces energy use and greenhouse gas emissions of refrigeration units and residential heat pumps.

"Denso's revolutionary new Ejector Cycle technology for refrigeration and air conditioning protects the climate by reducing the impacts of both refrigerant greenhouse gas emissions and energy use," said EPA officials.

"When this technology is installed in a refrigeration unit and combined with other complementary breakthroughs in components and controls, it can demonstrate efficiency improvements of 50 percent or more," said Hikaru Sugi, managing officer and head of Denso's Thermal Systems Business Group. "This leads to a 70 percent reduction in refrigerant emissions and a 60 percent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions."

Denso Corp. was one of 13 organizations and individuals recognized. It was the fourth EPA award earned by Denso. "This year's Climate Protection Award winners have set impressive goals, employed innovative approaches, and demonstrated what can be achieved in the interest of protecting our climate," said William Wehrum, acting assistant administrator for air and radiation at the EPA.

Publication date: 06/26/2006