NASHUA, NH — Building Services Institute, Inc., has launched Performance Enhancement Program (PEP), a business development program for contractors to grow their commercial service agreement and high-margin project business.

Based on the owners growth and profit expectations, BSI conducts a 2-day PEP audit to review, compare against best practice, and provide a confidential report along with any recommendations to position their company for growth. “We originally developed the PEP program to help our Platinum level members implement BSI’s sales, marketing, estimating, proposal writing, and management programs, but soon it became a evident that a systematic review was much more attractive and useful to help contractors navigate the current complex market conditions,” stated President Wendell Bedell.

The PEP audit focuses on four key functional areas of business:

1. Marketing: To verify marketing and selling processes are in place to systematically and profitably grow the business.

2. Finance: To assess financial capabilities, pricing procedures, and financing options to maximize company profits.

3. Product/Service Delivery: To assess the entire service delivery, customer care/retention processes, versus company capabilities and market requirements.

4. Organizational: To assess the organizational structure, job tasking, roles, and responsibilities, in comparison to “Best Practices” for efficient controlled growth.

“BSI provided us with a clear path to save over $776,000 annually by restructuring our organization, implementing performance metrics for all levels of management, implementing standardized estimating systems for service agreements and projects, and by refocusing our sales and marketing efforts into markets that better matched our commercial/industrial capabilities,” stated Rick Johnson, JE Johnson of Michigan. “BSI put together sales strategy and tasking plans for each of our new sales reps which resulted in each achieving their first year goals,” stated Paul Harris, EMCOR of California. “BSI’s PEP audit enabled us to efficiently integrate the combined service sales and operations of both our existing and a recently acquired company,” stated David Wilkie, Harrington Engineering of Connecticut.

PEP, which sells for $3,500 plus travel, lodging, and meals, is delivered on a first come, first service basis. PEP is free to BSI Commercial Thrust Platinum members. To obtain a detailed description of the PEP program, or of the benefits of the three levels of membership, or availability and locations of training programs, call 800-240-2823 and ask for a copy of the Membership Overview, or visit

Publication date: 11/25/2002