For more than two decades, Entech Sales & Service in Dallas has offered HVACR professionals an in-depth look at centrifugal chillers, examining assembly, theory, microprocessors, and teardown training through a series of educational sessions heralded as some of the best nationwide.

Class is in Session

Entech Sales & Service’s sessions are designed for industry members seeking operations and maintenance information on existing equipment.

Entech is active in buying, selling, and renting equipment. This provides the business an adequate supply of machinery for training purposes.

Training is provided for Carrier, McQuay, Trane, and York equipment. The 2012 courses focused exclusively on Carrier’s 19DK and 19DR; McQuay’s CE050, 063, 079, 087, 100, and 126; Trane’s CVHE; and York’s YT and YK.

“Commercial service contractors have difficulty in finding training for equipment that is 10-20 years old,” said Pat Rucker, president, Entech Sales. “Equipment manufacturers offer training for newer equipment, but not for older equipment. For over two decades Entech has been filling this gap.

“Manufacturers carefully guard their machines, and they make essential technical information difficult to obtain for competing service contractors,” said Rucker. “However, there is a real thirst for this type of knowledge. Independent contractors are hungry for this information, and are determined to provide professional services to their customers.”

Educational sessions are offered exclusively in the fall and winter months, during the industry’s slower months.

“Our courses are taught by experienced technicians who are active in servicing and repairing units. For this reason, classes can only be taught October through January, when things have slowed a bit,” said Rucker. “Students appreciate learning some of the tricks of the trade passed on by instructors who have actual field experience.”

The weeklong classes are limited to six students per instructor, to ensure each participant gains an up-close, hands-on experience.

“Mechanics want to know what parts and tools are best suited for each machine. We felt it was time to take the mystery out of this and better inform the industry,” said Rucker. “Once equipped with this information, it increases competition, and makes service contractors much more worthwhile.”

Theory + Teardown

Entech’s first four classes focus on troubleshooting procedures. Attendees take turns dismantling and reassembling three-stage centrifugal chillers, learning through trial by error.

“Participants take part in measuring tolerances and making the necessary adjustments. During the process of dismantling, the instructor will point out potential problems that may be encountered in the field,” said Rucker. “Each student will receive a complete set of electronic manuals containing instructions and technical information.”

Rucker said attendees gain a confidence boost, because they are learning using the actual machines and tools.

“Manufacturers send their service technicians to not only learn about other manufacturer’s equipment, but to learn about older equipment of their own as well,” said Rucker. “Students tend to network here and share their experiences with others in the class.”


Perhaps the most rapidly changing portions of HVAC equipment are the brains that direct the devices to perform. Entech’s instruction covers microprocessor architecture, as well as descriptions on how each manufacturer’s microprocessor works within its respective system. Students are taught how to program microprocessors using live simulators, and learn troubleshooting techniques using meters and internal diagnostic codes.

“The microprocessor courses have quickly become one of our most popular offerings,” said Rucker. “Manufacturers revamp their panels often, and we work very hard to keep updated. We also make sure that we are focused on the things that matter most, so that we’re not wasting anyone’s time.”

Highly Regarded

Rucker said the training is offered to help eliminate low bids, expand knowledge, and increase Entech’s value as well.

Attendees come from all corners of the country, representing all facets of the industry and rarely leave disappointed. “This was an excellent training class on control panels. I left with a lot of tips and tricks on field troubleshooting,” said attendee Joel Ramsumair.

Gary Wall, Brandt Engineering, Schertz, Texas, said, “This was a very good class — the best I’ve attended in many years.”

“Your techs are some of the most knowledgeable and helpful guys I’ve met in the business,” said graduate Rob Matlick. “The principles of objective, unbiased sharing of information made it better than any OEM course I’ve ever attended.”

Kevin Simard, Emcor Service/Balcor said the training was exactly what he was looking for.

“There were three stations of compressors, all different sizes and styles. This was great due to the fact that you could see the differences and similarities of each compressor,” he said. “The overall knowledge of the three instructors was very impressive. They knew these compressors in and out, and went into full detail about the overall operation of the machines and troubleshooting techniques.”

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Publication date: 5/13/2013 

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