LONG ISLAND, NY - How do you help a shark keep its cool? Try a geoexchange system.

Atlantis Marine World here is a large-scale aquarium and research facility that features a 120,000-gal shark exhibit. Because saltwater fish react better to cool water, geoexchange equipment is used to maintain a steady temperature.

The 150-ton, closed-loop heating and cooling system relies on 80 285-ft boreholes located underneath a picnic area on the aquarium’s grounds. It uses five 30-ton WaterFurnace International (Fort Wayne, IN) heat pump units plus two 71 1/2-hp pumps to push water through the system.

A series of titanium plate and frame heat exchangers are used to keep the two sides of the system separate and protect against the saltwater environment. The Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) offered financial incentives for the project as part of the Clean Energy program.

Publication date: 1/15/2001