Ductmate Industries recently announced Cable Shark, an advanced cable hanging System for the HVAC Industry. This next generation cable hanging system is designed and engineered specifically for the unique demands and challenges associated with commercial HVAC duct systems.

With a commitment to excellence and decades of engineering and performance testing, Ductmate Industries has incorporated the strength and reliability of the Clutcher System, with a unique built-in load indicator, enhanced double bore housing, and tensioned serrated jaws set in a unique offset geometry for enhanced gripping strength. The new more versatile Cable Shark suspension system replaces the Clutcher hanging system with a wider range of hanging configurations and installation applications. After years of engineering and testing, the overall design of the Cable Shark resulted in exceptional functional enhancements, improved product flexibility and simplicity, while assuring an unsurpassed level of safety, performance and reliability.

The Ductmate Cable Shark Cable Hanging System consists of zinc-coated Cable Shark Cable and the Cable Shark Mechanism. For the system to work properly, both components must be used together. Use of any other steel cable is prohibited. 

The Cable Shark Mechanism uses two serrated steel wedges that allows the Cable Shark Cable to easily pass through in one direction. Then when a load is applied to the Cable Shark Cable in the opposite direction, the wedges grip the Cable Shark Cable and presses it against the Cable Shark Mechanism housing – preventing it from moving.

Special Characteristics

  • Meets SMACNA upper and lower attachment construction standards if used per manufacturer’s installation guidelines
  • Comprehensive Cable Shark Hanging System Load Charts and Installation Videos available online at Ductmate.com
  • Meets ICC-ES AC284 guidelines
  • Engineered for strength and durability
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Available in cut-to-length sizes with ferruled loop or spools
  • Compact design is aesthetically pleasing
  • Available in 2 sizes to meet specific load ranges
  • Versatile hanging options for nearly every application

Ductmate Cable Shark Cable is designed for the suspension of HVAC systems. The Ductmate Cable Shark System and Ductmate Cable Shark Cable must always be used in conjunction.

Special Characteristics

  • Engineered for superior strength
  • Supplied in spools of 500’ and 1,000’ or cut to length
  • Cable Shark 125 Cable is only compatible with the Cable Shark 125
  • Cable Shark 250 Cable is only compatible with the Cable Shark 250
  • Cable Shark Wire is available in pre-cut lengths