NEW YORK, NY – Broad USA Inc., with its introduction into the American market in 1999, is now marketing its SPECTRUM series absorption chiller/heater Advanced DP2000 control system.

Offering completely automated operation, continuous monitoring, self-diagnostics, and automatic maintenance, Ethan Gordon, broad marketing coordinator for the company said, “all SPECTRUM chiller/heaters are now shipped with unit-mounted on-off control and a DP2000.

“The PLC-based, touch-screen control center automatically directs all the functions of the SPECTRUM, and integrates the chiller/heater into the building automation system (BAS) to allow on/off control and uploading of data, and change of chilled later set points for system energy efficiency.

“It can also control building system pumps as well as cooling tower fans with variable speed outputs for the highest overall system efficiency and greatly reduced parasitic load.”