Bill Bassett, vice president of engineering(left); Jim Herdonan, vice president of Business Development(middle); and Chuck Kovac, Chief Executive Officer (far right).

FORT COLLINS, CO – A new company, Varidigm Corporation, based here, launched itself as an integrated systems supplier for the hvac industry today with its first official press conference.

With its simple and affordable variable output solutions for residential and light commercial heating and cooling equipment, “Varidigm is breakthrough technology that is taking comfort, energy efficiency and quiet operation to a whole new level, “ according to Chuck Kovac, company ceo. “Varidigm is positioned as the first and only provider of affordable, fully modulating furnace technology.”

A spin-off of the Gas Research Institute (now the Gas Technology Institute, Varidigm is set to commercialize the results of ten years of research and development and the 20 patents garnered at the institute.

The company features a triad of product families, centering on: variable speed electrical motors and controllers; premix burners; and closed loop combustion controls

Varidigm has its sights set on capturing a substantial portion of the motors applied in hvac air moving applications. Estimated at $650 million in the NAFTA region, this market is expected to swell to $2 billion by 2005 as low cost variable output technology takes hold.

The company is intent on establishing distribution systems to support today’s global hvac marketplace, and has already secured agreements with three distributors in the Asia-Pacific in Singapore.

For more information on this new company, go to (website); or call 970-207-9341.