CIBOLA, TX – PowerCold Corporation, based here, has designed a new product for the hotel/motel industry, specifically in response to the electric reliability crisis in California.

Ultimate Comfort Systems, Inc. designs and packages in cooperation with PowerCold’s other divisions of the California Energy Solution system to offer hotel/motel operators pre-engineered, affordable low electric demand heating, hot water, and air-conditioning systems based on the Ultimate Comfort Solution’s patented concept.

“The hospitality industry has been seeking a way to accurately and quietly condition hotel/motel room air in a way it can afford,” said Steven Clark, UCS president and ceo. “Mid-range hotel/motel chains target the professional business traveler, but have generally fallen victim to the need for very low construction costs. In the past, this meant settling for packaged terminal air-conditioning (PTAC) units. This is no longer the case. Using the UCS system, mid-range hotels/motels can improve their return on investment and provide their clients with a good night’s sleep.”