SAN DIEGO, CA – Alturdyne Corporation, based here, has completed development of Hybrid No. II, a single skid of equipment consisting of a natural gas fueled engine, electric motor/generator, refrigeration compressor, water cooled condenser, chilled water evaporator, microprocessor controls, and engine heat recovery.

Accordingly, owners can manually select, or pre-program the following operating modes:

  • Engine driven compressor using natural gas;
  • Motor driven compressor using electricity; and
  • Engine driven generator using natural gas.
  • These features permit time of day energy source selection for the compressor drive, or power generation as an emergency stand-by or for peak shaving, which require local regulations permitting.

    Heat recovery from the engine is also available for domestic hot water, desiccant regeneration, direct fired absorption chillers, or low pressure steam. For more information contact Alturdyne manager Joe Browning at (email).