National sales manager David Foster shows off Uniweld's Leak Tracer.

ATLANTA, GA – Uniweld, a manufacturer of test instruments and tools, introduced Leak Tracer, a new leak detection kit, at the Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigerating Expo on Tuesday.

Uniweld spokesman David Foster said the company’s leak detection kit “will make leak detection easier for technicians.” According to the manufacturer, its UV light leak detection system is designed to provide technicians with an accurate diagnostic tool. Foster said technicians first connect the anti-blowback hose fitting to either low or high side service valve of refrigeration system. Next, a technician uses the company’s injection gun to inject the UV dye into the refrigeration system while under pressure. The technician then can use Uniweld’s swivel light, which uses a 100-watt bulb to detect leaks. When the fluorescent dye is exposed to the ultraviolet light, the leak source will glow bright yellow or green, said the company.