Wholesaler Mingledorff’s, Inc. and manufacturer DryKor, Inc. have announced a partnership with Mingledorff’s serving as the exclusive Georgia distributor of the DryKor line of liquid desiccant dehumidification products. Open houses marking the announcement were held at Mingledorff’s offices in Atlanta, Columbus, Macon, Savannah, and Augusta.

"Mingledorff’s recognizes that the hvac industry is constantly evolving with more technologically advanced equipment. Their excitement over the DryKor technology is consistent with their desire to be on the cutting edge of new technology," stated Ed LaHaie, DryKor regional manager. "I am excited about DryKor’s ability to clean, cool, and dehumidify air cost effectively," commented Bruce Longino, director of engineering services, Carrier Complete Systems, an agency of Mingledorff’s, Inc. "DryKor combines a standard refrigeration cycle and a liquid desiccant cycle to vary the amount of temperature and humidity reduction performed."

He was referring to a technology in where when the temperature is moderate but the humidity is high, the unit dehumidifies more than it cools. If the temperature is high and the humidity is moderate, the unit cools more than it dehumidifies.

DryKor products are used in schools, restaurants, libraries, hospitals and medical centers, supermarkets, ice rinks, and light industrial. Mingledorff’s has 17 locations in Georgia.

For more information contact DryKor, Inc. at (678) 817-0299, ext. 105.

Publication date: 08/20/2001