Project Leader Jim Pegues explains Carrier's Software Systems Network.

Karen Zarach, marketing communications manager, and Harold Valencia, product marketing manager discuss Carrier's Replacement Components Division.
ATLANTA, GA – Carrier Corporation may not be exhibiting at the Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigerating Expo, but it still had a presence here Monday night.

After the expo closed down at 6 p.m., Carrier held a press-only exhibition of its products and services at the Sheraton Colony Square Hotel. During the course of the evening, the trade media had the chance to learn about the latest in Carrier technology and innovations and emerging product technologies.

Carrier executives participating in the event included John Malloy, who was recently promoted to president of Residential and Light Commercial Systems (RLCS). In an exclusive interview with The News, the former president of Commercial Systems and Services (CSS) relayed some of the challenges he faces as the new head of Carrier’s residential sector.

“Yeah, I have all the answers, three weeks into the job,” Malloy quipped at first, before turning serious. “One of the big challenges, certainly with the Carrier and Bryant brands, is to reaffirm the connection with our key program dealers. These are the folks that are most loyal to Carrier and Bryant. They are the people that have been with us for a long time. And these are the people that have the greatest expectations about how we are going to fulfill our end of the partnership.”

(The full News interview with Malloy will be reported in the Feb. 12 issue of The News.)

Carrier had booth displays and informal interaction, inside the Sheraton Colony Square.


In product announcements, Carrier said its WeatherMaker two-speed Model 38TDB air conditioning units and Model 38YDB heat pumps will be available next month with Puron refrigerant.

“Now consumers can add the advantages of Puron refrigerant to the long list of product benefits,” said Craig Kersten, Carrier senior product manager, who noted that the two-stage heating and cooling technology allows the units to operate on low speed/low capacity about 80% of the time.

Carrier also noted it expanded its high-efficiency, premium small-packaged product line to include Puron. Now offering the non-ozone depleting refrigerant are the new 50JZ heat pump, the 50GL air conditioner, and the model 48GP (gas heating/electric cooling).

“As HCFCs are phased out, the price of Freon 22 refrigerant is rising and the supply shrinking – this makes Puron equipment a sound, long-term hvac investment for home and building owners,” said Andrea Dopp, Carrier senior product manager.

Responding to consumer feedback, Carrier also introduced an external filter media cabinet available as standard equipment on its deluxe and premium gas furnaces. According to Melissa Ray, Carrier senior product manager, the furnace media cabinet allows consumers to change their filters without going inside the furnace.

“Market research indicates that this is a highly desired feature,” she said. “In fact, poor filter access is the number one consumer complaint about gas furnaces industry-wide.”

Designed for its own air filters, the cabinets also accommodate filters of standard dimensions, which can be purchased at many retail outlets.

“Experts recommend that homeowners frequently inspect and regularly change their furnace filters to improve the indoor air quality of their homes. The convenience of these new media cabinets will promote this practice,” said Ray.