Taco president John White is introduced to the audience by HvacTv.com's producer, Ed Nowak (right).

Taco president John White Jr. addresses attendees at their Monday a.m. press conference.
Taco, Inc. kicked off an ambitious 2001 campaign with a Monday morning press conference at the AHR Expo in Atlanta. Taco president John White Jr. welcomed invitees to a “live webcast” from the Taco exhibit booth.

The webcast was produced by Ed Nowak and his crew from HvacTv.com, which is sponsored by Taco. White added that his company “is delighted to be a part of HvacTv.com and said that the company is beginning to line up other sponsors for this “revolutionary” breakthrough for the hvacr industry.

Taco is also making some “revolutionary” moves in 2001. The company is introducing a comprehensive new line of vertical pumps. The KV/KS Series of vertical in-line and vertical split coupled in-line pumps comprise a total of 42 pumps, with 21 different sized pumps in each series.

White said his company is positioning to aggressively go after the commercial building trades in 2001, as witnessed by the company’s new vertical pump line. “The pumps have been completely designed and built from scratch.

“They will be a catalyst for Taco’s continued growth.”